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"Team RoBo - go, Go, GO!"

Team RoBo - go, Go, GO!


Hello everyone!

Much excitement... it's 'Strictly' time again!

Firstly let's begin with my super new celebrity dance partner for series nine: I'm so delighted to have been paired with the brilliant Rory Bremner!! He made an instant impression on me with his great personality, humour, and real sense of fun… Don't think it's all laughs though — he's competitive and wants to make an impression on the dance floor too.

Erin Boag and Rory Bremner with Sir Bruce Forsyth at the Strictly Come Dancing launch show, September 2011

We're working hard, putting in the hours of rehearsals needed, and due to Rory's prior commitments I have been following him around the country rehearsing at every available opportunity — wherever he goes, I go too! I'm working him very hard, and he's enjoying every minute of it!

Erin Boag and Rory Bremner in training for Strictly Come Dancing 2011

I've been asked who I'd most liked to have been paired with, and honestly, I couldn't be happier with Rory (anyway, I'd have eaten McFly's Harry Judd alive!)

In between rehearsals, and my regular dance classes which are carrying on as usual in Kingston on Monday evenings, Rory and I are hectic with photo shoots, interviews and costume fittings. Of course, it's all top secret so no spoilers, but I've got some fabulous new sparkling outfits which I can't wait to wear!

The show bursts onto our screens this coming Friday and Saturday night with the couples spilt between the two. We're kicking off our dances with the Waltz on Saturday (hopefully there won't be too much kicking, just lots of graceful rise and fall!)… I'm not going to give anything away but it's looking good so far. The big question is nerves — I'm hoping he'll be OK and I'm giving him every bit of support, confidence and encouragement I can.

The following week gets us into the Latin vibe, and having seen previous years' satin shirts open to the waist Rory is thinking he may enter into the spirit with both feet and have his chest waxed! (Not sure I should be revealing such intimate details!) I have offered, but think I may have caused enough pain so far!

Of course, there are the stunning Pro dance numbers to look forward too as well, we have been busy in the studio working on some real show-stoppers.

Everything else for now is top secret so I can't say anymore. If you're not already, follow me on twitter so you can get the low-down as it happens, and Rory's on twitter too, so you can get the scoop from both sides! We've been christened Team RoBo so please give us all your support and keep the tweets and messages flooding in as we love to read them!

Lastly before I forget, Anton and I have just released our 2012 Calendar, it is fabulous — entitled 'Day and Night' due to the beautiful shots we've personally chosen to be included. It's exclusively available at, go on treat yourself or someone special this Christmas!

The Anton and Erin Night and Day calendar for 2012

Enough for now, stay tuned, and… Team RoBo to win!!

Ciao ciao for now,






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