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New-Zealand born Erin Boag made her name in the highly competitive world of International Dance. Enjoying a highly successful career both on and off our screens, Erin has an unmatched track record on Strictly Come Dancing... an impressive back catalogue of sell out nationwide tours... and is embracing motherhood with both arms!

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The Interview

Have you always wanted to dance?

Yes! I started as a very small child learning ballet before moving on to Ballroom, Latin and Jazz. It wasn’t very long before I was hooked! Dancing means everything to me - it’s my life!

You’re known as ‘Miss Whiplash’...!

This was started by Colin Jackson - he was referring to my strict, no-nonsense approach... I can be a hard task-master when it comes to dance, but in real life I’m a softie!

Have you ever had a clash of personalities with any of your celebrity dance partners?

Honestly, no – I consider myself really lucky to have had wonderful dance partners. Whether they can dance or not is a different matter! You get to know them and their families really well, I still keep in touch with them now.

Do you have any heroes or role models?

Of course, and through being involved in Strictly I've now met several of them! I am always inspired by talented people. To dance, live, in front of some of the greatest singers is a real honour.

Gallery: Erin took some time out during the interview to show us some of her favourite dresses in her wardrobe.

Do you feel like you have anything still to prove professionally?

As a performer you always want to prove - and improve - yourself, you need challenges. I spent many years competing worldwide before taking part in Strictly which has a competitive buzz all of its own. Every series brings the fresh challenge of training my celebrity dance partner to dance the best they possibly can.

Do people expect you to be wearing sequins and heels all the time?

Funny you should ask me that, yes I think people get used to seeing you in a certain way. The great thing is having to dress up for TV or shows means that when I want to wear jeans and sloppy jumpers I don't get recognised!

You mentioned Peter... and you've been happily married since 2009 – tell us more!

I met Peter whilst on a girly night out with Camilla (Dallerup). Her boyfriend at the time arrived with some friends - Peter was one of them. The first thing I noticed about Peter was his suit - I love a man in a sharp suit! 'The suit' sat next to me and we chatted - I told him I was a ballroom dancer but he had no idea who Camilla or I were even though he told me he'd been watching 'Strictly' and thought Julian (Clary) was doing well! He had no idea that it was me that was dancing with Julian! At the end of the night 'the suit' asked me out… and the rest is history!

We married in 2009 at a ceremony on the Amalfi Coast with guests including my Strictly friends and celeb partners. It was the most beautiful place and the most wonderful day of my life.

Gallery: Erin and husband Peter - with shots of their beautiful wedding on the Amalfi Coast (© Hello!)

Do you have any secret pleasures?

They wouldn't be secret if I told you! Chocolate, and property TV shows – I drive Peter mad watching them.

What’s in your fridge?

Peter often takes care of dinner: he makes a great stir-fry with peppers, rice noodles and lamb or chicken. But we're both busy people and there are always a few M&S ready meals in there! (And maybe a bar or two of chocolate too!)

How do you stay in shape?

Dancing, dancing and more dancing, and I eat pretty healthily too. Peter is a good cook and usually takes care of dinner, how lucky am I?

What’s your tipple?

It depends on what time of day it is. I start the day off with a fruit smoothie, and then it's water and tea for the rest of the day. I don't drink much alcohol, but if I do fancy a glass of something it's either a dry white wine or a nice drop of rosé.

Gallery: Erin's as busy as ever since leaving Strictly and starting her family - here she is behind the scenes at the shoot for her upcoming tour with Anton: Showtime!

Erin Boag - casual

"I’m in a wonderful place right now: I'm in love, happily married, we have a wonderful son together and am thoroughly enjoying motherhood. ...And I dance for a living – what more could a girl want?!"


Is there anything you’d change about your life?

Nothing! I’m in a wonderful place right now: I'm in love, happily married, Peter and I have a wonderful son together and I am thoroughly enjoying motherhood. ...And I dance for a living – what more could a girl want?!

What has life been like after Strictly?...

I seem to have been busier than ever! The three main men in my life certainly keep me on my toes - Ewan, Peter - and of course, Anton! But dance and fitness are still a major part of my life. I've been able to increase the amount of time I'm available for teaching at my studio in Kingston and there are still dance breaks, appearances, as well as our upcoming tour Showtime to prepare for! Plenty enough to keep me occupied - I couldn't be happier!

Lastly, can you tell us what you're working on at the moment?...

I'm working on a Wedding Dance package at the moment. Such a magical opportunity to enjoy the most special dance with the person you love, in front of your treasured friends and family. If I can help give couples the confidence they need to take to the floor for that first dance - to make their most special of days even more memorable - nothing would give me greater pleasure.

Find out more about Wedding Dance packages and ballroom dancing classes here – and follow Erin on Twitter and Instagram for all her latest news and updates!

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