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"From Red Carpet to the Week 1 Waltz"

From Red Carpet to the Week 1 Waltz


A Big Catch Up...

First of all I would like to say how sorry I am for not posting a blog for so long; as you can imagine things have been a little hectic over the last few weeks!

So I will start from the beginning...

The launch show went out with a big bang, there was the red carpet, a big new shiny set, lots of professional show numbers and of course the dazzling costumes. I myself had 3 costume changes for the one show!

Erin and Anton on the red carpet at the Launch show

You have to believe me when I say this; we did not know who our new partner would be until the announcement that you all saw on the launch show. I have read many comments that you though we must have known, due to the last dance where we ended up next to our partners at the end. What you didn’t know is that the professionals practised that dance with SEVEN different endings - one for each celebrity!

During the launch show it was announced that I was dancing with the Goalkeeping legend Peter Shilton, which I must say, at the time, was a big surprise to me because I didn't think they'd give me my sixth sportsman and second Goalkeeper out of eight series!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining at all, as sportsmen know how to train really hard and are very competitive.

Straight after the launch I found out I was dancing the Waltz in the first week and had two and a half weeks to try and get him up to scratch.  Peter lives in Coventry, so hence I spend a lot of time trekking up and down the Motorways. The first few days were tough but Peter soon got to grips with what he had to do which was - basic technique, good frame and dancing to the music... no easy task for a complete beginner.

Erin Boag and Peter Shilton

As the days counted down Peter was getting better and better, he was feeling confident and so was I... until the day before the big show when we went for a short rehearsal on the Strictly set at the BBC studios.  What happened next I hadn’t experienced since series 2 with Julian Clary - Peter’s nerves kicked in with the reality of what was about to happen and all the steps disappeared from his mind!!  I tried to reassure Peter that this sometimes happens and not to be too hard on himself - it would all come right on the night. Well, that’s what I thought. I have to say I didn’t sleep well that night with the worry of what might happen in 24 hours live in front of 10 million people if Peter did in fact forget ALL his steps!!

The morning of the live show finally arrived, make-up and hair started at 9 o’clock and that was just Peter... just kidding, yes we do get there early, it can take a while to make us girls look pretty. After make-up and hair, we have band call, which is when we hear our music played by the live band for the very first time. Straight after it’s into costume, a quick powder and straight into the dress run. This is when we practise running the show as live to make sure hopefully everything runs smoothly before the actual live show!  If we have any spare time, we have a quick snack, then more make-up, more hair spray and then move onto the stairs behind the set - ready for the walk down as the show goes live.

We hear the title music start, the audience are roaring and Bruce and Tess go on; I straighten Peter’s tie, hold his hand, give him a smile before walking down the stairs for the very first time live. I am feeling very excited as the new series begins. 

Peter and I wait patiently for our turn to dance (we were second). Thankfully we don’t have to wait too long because the longer we wait, the more nervous Peter would become!  As the VT shows for our rehearsals, Peter and I walk down to take our place on the floor; our names are announced and the crowd are so loud that I am worried that we won’t be able to hear the start of our music!!

Throughout our dance I could feel Peter’s nerves - in fact I'm sure I could hear his heart beating, it was beating so hard. But he manages to get through and I am very proud of him for finishing his routine to a respectable standard for the first week.

The judges were very gentle and fair with their comments and awarded Peter 21 points but were very aware that he was nervous throughout his dance.

Erin Boag and Peter Shilton in their Waltz

Peter felt relieved to have finished the Waltz, but before he could relax it was straight into training on the Sunday morning at 10 o’clock to start work on the Salsa. We had to loosen those hips and make him feel confident and create a party atmosphere on the dance floor. Peter has been working really hard over the last few days getting his Salsa ready, losing his inhibitions, wriggling those hips and feeling a lot more confident. I am really hoping that this Saturday he feels a lot more relaxed, now he knows what to expect, and hopefully he can now enjoy the experience a lot more.

We look forward to performing our Salsa for you - fingers crossed - without any hitches on Saturday night. 

Inbetween all the rehearsals and driving up and down the motorway I managed to fit in a photo-shoot where you will probably see more of me than ever before!!! Watch this space for more updates...

Lots of love,

P.S. Don’t forget to vote, we need it! 





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"Strictly update"

Strictly update


Ok, the time has finally come... this is it... there is no going back now!!! Within hours I am going to find out who my new celebrity partner is for series 8 of Strictly Come Dancing. 

As of last Sunday I met all the celebrities in this year's show, and over the last few days we have all spent many hours in the studio rehearsing for the launch show which we film on Wednesday 8th September 2010. Over this time I have studied all the celebrities very closely and have come to the conclusion that if Pierce Brosnan isn’t available I will have to make do with Brad Pitt... Just kidding, but I promise you there are some wonderful personalities in this year's line-up.

Whilst applying my fake tan today I have noticed many bruises covering my body and have concluded that Flavia is a secret agent working for the enemy and is trying to bump me off... she got me good with an elbow in the arm, I had a dead arm for hours!!!! Someone else has been kicking me in the ankles and trying to disable me and I fear it was Ola or Kristina trying to eliminate me before the competition even starts... I do like a bit of competition but this is playing slightly dirty!!!!

On a more serious note I am hoping for a great partner with lots of personality; hopefully without two left feet so he can perform great moves for everyone to enjoy and vote for.

I promise you I will keep you informed on my progress over the next few days.  So remember... Keeeeeeeeeeep reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaading!

Love Erin xx





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"Strictly's here already"

Strictly's here already


Hello everybody,

Hope you are enjoying my new website; thank you all for your wonderful messages that I have received via the website, twitter and emails - I do read them all, so keep them coming!

I would like to thank Scott & David at Bungalow Industries for all the hard work and long hours they put in to get the site up and running - I think they now know more about me than I do!!!!

Can you believe Strictly is about to start again?!?! Didn’t the year fly by? But I have managed to cram an awful lot of excitement into the last 8 months - I even went to Buckingham Palace and met Princess Anne!!

Erin Boag and Anton du Beke meet Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace

Strictly started for me 2 weeks ago with all the professionals putting together great show-dance numbers which we know you will all love. It is great to be back with the strictly crew......

I am very excited about meeting my new celebrity partner in a couple of weeks time. Did you know there will be a launch show on 11th September BBC1 full of exciting group numbers and of course us meeting our new partners?

This year I have decided I would really like to dance with Pierce Brosnan not to be confused with Morgan!!!!!!!  If he is not available I will settle for Brad Pitt.... not holding my breath though!!

Ok that’s all for today, I will keep the blogs coming whenever I get a minute spare.







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"My very first blog post!"

My very first blog post!


Well hello everybody, and welcome to my new website!  I'm very excited to announce its launch and hats off to Bungalow Industries for capturing something very special and compelling for you all to enjoy - a great result as I'm sure you'll agree!

I hope you enjoy getting the scoop in my Up Close and Personal interview, learning more about my career, looking through my photos and reliving some of those fabulous Strictly moments in the YouTube gallery. You can even ask me a question of your own in the Ask Erin section, see the start of my collection of goodies in the Boutique, and don't forget to look through our upcoming tour dates too!

I've got a very busy time ahead over the coming months with the start of Strictly Series 8, and I'm delighted to now have a blog all of my own to keep you up to date with life in Erin's world!!!  Watch this space!

And make sure you sign up to my news and updates using the form on the right, and follow me on Twitter too to keep on track with my updates, whereabouts and backstage buzz!

Hope to see you in an audience soon,
With love, 

PS Please let me know what you think of my new site, you can add comments to this post below - I hope you love it as much as I do! 





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