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"My very first blog post!"

My very first blog post!


Well hello everybody, and welcome to my new website!  I'm very excited to announce its launch and hats off to Bungalow Industries for capturing something very special and compelling for you all to enjoy - a great result as I'm sure you'll agree!

I hope you enjoy getting the scoop in my Up Close and Personal interview, learning more about my career, looking through my photos and reliving some of those fabulous Strictly moments in the YouTube gallery. You can even ask me a question of your own in the Ask Erin section, see the start of my collection of goodies in the Boutique, and don't forget to look through our upcoming tour dates too!

I've got a very busy time ahead over the coming months with the start of Strictly Series 8, and I'm delighted to now have a blog all of my own to keep you up to date with life in Erin's world!!!  Watch this space!

And make sure you sign up to my news and updates using the form on the right, and follow me on Twitter too to keep on track with my updates, whereabouts and backstage buzz!

Hope to see you in an audience soon,
With love, 

PS Please let me know what you think of my new site, you can add comments to this post below - I hope you love it as much as I do! 

Comments {37}
What a lovely post to start off your new website! We think it's a cracker and hope you and your fans love it as much as we do. Can't wait to start reading your blog posts and we're looking forward to seeing you back on the TV very soon! With our best wishes, Scott & David at The Bungalow.
Bungalow Industries commented on 27-Aug-2010 01:21 AM
What a fabulous website, Erin, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the lovely pictures and reading your super interview. What a lovely insight - thank you! Will be rooting for you! Best wishes, Valerie
Valerie Moore commented on 27-Aug-2010 03:30 AM
Hiya Erin, Loving the new website :o) Im traveling at the moment but will be back for the start of the new series! Can't wait! H xx
H commented on 27-Aug-2010 05:09 AM
Erin the site is looking fantastic. xxx
Zoe commented on 27-Aug-2010 07:05 AM
What a wonderful site to wake up to!
Mike commented on 27-Aug-2010 07:08 AM
Congratulations on your fabulous website honey so pleased that you have your own now :D Looking forward to supporting you & Anton as always through Strictly 2010. Love always xxx xxx
Sandy commented on 27-Aug-2010 07:11 AM
Hi Erin... looking fabulous as ever! Keep up the good work ... I see you're off to the gym - take me too. Good luck with Strictly this year... look forward to seeing you on YOUTUBE downunder...
Janice Moore commented on 27-Aug-2010 07:13 AM
What a beautiful website - really fresh and bright. I look forward to many visits here in the future. Good luck with the new Strictly series. Julie x
Julie commented on 27-Aug-2010 07:55 AM
What a fantastic website!! Fabulous pictures, really nice interviews, great youtube-vids.. :-) I love it!! Good luck for season 8! I'll be rooting for you all the way from Amsterdam! -x- Liv
Olivia commented on 27-Aug-2010 09:13 AM
WOW! Congratulations Erin, what a fantastic website, you're looking amazing as ever. What a busy lady you are, not long now till Strictly 8, lets hope its your year to lift that trophy, you certainly deserve it. Bex -X-
Bex commented on 27-Aug-2010 09:56 AM
Loving the new website Erin. All the hard work has clearly paid off. Congratulations. Wishing you lots of luck in advance for Strictly 8. Very much looking forward to it. xx
Davina commented on 27-Aug-2010 10:04 AM
Hi Erin, Congratulations on the launch of your new fantastic website. It was worth the wait :D missing you and Anton! Love Nix xx
Nic commented on 27-Aug-2010 10:08 AM
I absolutely love your new website! It's amazing!!! :) xxx
JJ commented on 27-Aug-2010 12:47 PM
Hi Erin, congratulations on the launch of the website, it looks amazing. Hope to see you soon. Luv Clare & Erin Xx
Clare Ellwood commented on 27-Aug-2010 02:48 PM
Erin, your website looks beautiful and you look stunning too - congratulations!!! All our love Leo & Meriet
Leo & Meriet commented on 27-Aug-2010 03:34 PM
Hi Erin, well done on a fabulous website, and what a lovely first post to start off. Will be supporting you and Anton all the way this year and hope to see you soon. Love Andy xxx
Andy N commented on 27-Aug-2010 04:52 PM
i think your new website is amazing and good luck with the new series of Strictly!
stephanie commented on 27-Aug-2010 05:12 PM
Love the site Erin. Lots of great stuff & looking forward to seeing you on series 8. Love the pictures & if things don't work out you could always be a model!! David xxx
David Morris commented on 27-Aug-2010 05:21 PM
Good Job Erin! Andy had phoned me to let me know your site is up and running so I just had to check it out for myself. Love It!!!!!!
Charise commented on 27-Aug-2010 05:26 PM
What a wonderful website Ms Boag!! Very impressive x
peter commented on 27-Aug-2010 06:21 PM
Loving the new website, Erin, it is glamourous, sensational, professional and fabulous, just like you. Hope to see you and Anton soon. Love Andrea xx
andrea commented on 27-Aug-2010 08:32 PM
What a fabulous website and a great showcase for you. It's like reading a magazine: a fun, fresh approach.
Mary commented on 27-Aug-2010 09:39 PM
Fab. web-site Erin. Lots to look at and easy to follow. Very informative. I will do my usual thing and check in most days to keep informed down-under. Of course it goes without saying but I am VERY PROUD and LOVE YOU LOTS.
Margaret commented on 27-Aug-2010 09:40 PM
Congratulations on your new website Erin, it is really good. Also good luck to you and Anton for this years Strictly. Best wishes, Rosalind XX
Rosalind commented on 27-Aug-2010 09:50 PM
Love the website! Can't wait for Strictly...wishing you the best of luck! Keep being fabulous xx
Laura commented on 27-Aug-2010 10:51 PM
What a stunning new website, you must be thrilled. Can't wait for series 8 of Strictly and to see you back on our TV screens.
Jane commented on 28-Aug-2010 08:30 AM
Congratulations on the new website Erin - it's Strictly Fabulous!! Good luck for your eighth year on Strictly. xx
Jacqueline commented on 28-Aug-2010 08:37 AM
Love the new website! Looks fantastic. Cant wait to see you on SCD8. :) Stacey
Stacey commented on 28-Aug-2010 11:42 AM
What a fab website Erin! Gorgeous pics and loads of info! Hope 2010 is your year for lifting the glitter ball! You so deserve it! Lots of Love Claire xxx
Claire Bates commented on 28-Aug-2010 08:54 PM
What a lovely website, at last you have got your own and we can follow you what ever you're doing. A big Good Luck in series 8 as always, i'll be voting for you as well as our lovely Anton. Look forward to seeing you on Mondays. lots of love your long friend Ruth xxx
Ruth Williams commented on 29-Aug-2010 12:33 PM
Erin it's a super website. So fresh and easy to navigate ; interesting too! All the very best to you and Anton for a great Strictly 2010. I'll be watching and enjoying. Helen x
Lady Helen commented on 29-Aug-2010 08:46 PM
Hey Erin- I love the website! Will keep an eye on here to keep up to date with what you're up to. Have fun with Strictly and I'll see you soon. Love, Laura xxx
Laura commented on 31-Aug-2010 05:49 PM
Love the website Erin, definately worth waiting for. Well done, take care and good luck for scd 2010, really hope this is your year. Love Bev xxx
Bev commented on 01-Sep-2010 12:00 AM
Congratulations! Loved the website and looking at the pictures from Strictly brought back memories. Hopefully in the future you can add videos of your dances from previous series.
Anonymous commented on 01-Sep-2010 09:06 PM
Your website Erin is superb and beautiful! I'm looking forward to watching the Strictly series again and wish you good luck! With best wishes, Peggy
Peggy commented on 09-Sep-2010 05:56 PM
Yes Erin the site like you is wonderful, just one coment tell Shillton to pull his finger out - if you go out then my Strictly will be over for another year! Have a good week training and hope to see you go though to the final.
Ken Meyrick commented on 11-Oct-2010 09:49 AM
Hi Erin, Loved your tour stories sooooo much :) made me have such a laugh. Roll on the next tour. Love Nix xxxx
Nixx commented on 12-Apr-2011 02:11 AM
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