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"My 2011 Adventures... Part 2"

My 2011 Adventures... Part 2


Hi everyone!

Finally... isn't it wonderful to see that Spring has sprung, with some colourful flowers, bright and sunny days, and the beginning of longer evenings! (I must admit I am not a lover of cold winters!)

The Tour

Sadly the tour of 'Puttin' on the Ritz' has come to an end. This year we travelled from Dundee to Plymouth via Ireland with thirty-nine shows in twenty-three cities all in eight weeks.

It has been a fantastic show and exciting that I got to sing this time. If you managed to get to one of the shows thank you for your magnificent support!! It was also a pleasure to meet so many of you after the performances, outside some very chilly and dark stage doors. It is rewarding to have you come and enjoy the show and be such wonderful audiences.

For your delectation I have added some of my favourite photos taken over the eight weeks; I have also added a few links to reviews of the show.

Anton and Erin Puttin' on the Ritz Anton and Erin Puttin' on the Ritz Anton and Erin Puttin' on the Ritz Anton and Erin Puttin' on the Ritz Anton and Erin Puttin' on the Ritz

We had some great moments on the tour, here are a few to remind you (if you were there) and if you weren't, you can have a giggle anyway:

  • When we were performing at Nottingham, someone was eating a box of sweets in the second row and Anton asked if he could have one, so she handed us her box of Roses, which Anton took, tipped them out on stage (so he could find his favourite) and then proceeded to throw the remainder into the audience! I bet she won't offer her sweets to Anton again!!!
  • We were just saying hello to the audience after the first dance in Basingstoke when a couple of late arrivals ambled in to take their seats. Anton did his usual "you're late" routine when suddenly I noticed it was my husband and friends!! Oops!! Anton had a lot of fun taking the mickey out of Peter for the rest of the evening.
  • Whilst driving to the next venue after one of our shows, at about 1am in the morning, we decided to pull over for a coffee. I still had my stage makeup on and false eyelashes, though more concerning, Anton still had foundation on his face! Well, as we walked into the motorway services we realised there were about 30 butch rugby players also queuing for refreshments. The look on Anton's face was a picture, convinced he was going to get the rib taken… and to our surprise, all of a sudden we were surrounded by the team asking for photos — they were big Strictly fans!! It just goes to show even big beefy rugby players enjoy Strictly!
  • Having booked a ticket with 'the world's favourite airline' to come back from Dublin, we turned up around 7.30am expecting to waltz onto our flight, when we were greeted by check-in staff announcing that the flight was full!!! I thought when you booked a ticket you were guaranteed a seat... well apparently not. Anyway, after a little gentle negotiation with the airline staff (Anton threatened to kill someone!!!) we managed to get on the flight, but if the poor soul who gave up their seat for us is reading this — Thank You!
  • When the tour ended I was unpacking my cases and noticed that somehow, I had accumulated 25 bags of Minstrels and Counters — now this is surprising because as you know I don't even eat chocolate ;-) !!! By the time I have eaten them all I will be looking like Miss Piggy! Thanks to everyone who supplied me along the way and contributed to my coronary!! I only finished the tour a couple of weeks ago and I've been at the gym every day to try and get rid of the Minstrel fat!
  • I would like to give a special thank you to Raymond Gubbay, our tour promoter; the fine musicians in the London, Manchester, Scottish and Welsh Concert Orchestras, with their conductor, Richard Balcombe; our lovely singer Lance Ellington from Strictly; and our accompanying dancers, Francine Cornwell, Lisa Dent, Ben Campbell and Tom Goodall. Finally, a big thank you to my wonderful dance partner Anton du Beke… because let's face it guys, without him I would be dancing on my own and that would just look silly!!! Plus he keeps my on my toes every night and makes me laugh with his funny stories — he also lets me speak now and again!!

South Wales ArgusBournemouth EchoThis Is Leicestershire

TRIC Awards and Children's Champions Awards

I went to the TRIC (Television and Radio Industries Club) awards this month. I sat on a table with a bunch of the Strictly people including Felicity Kendall, Brendan, Tess, James, Ola, Anton, Tina O'Brien and a couple of Strictly Execs. and I am pleased to announce that Strictly won the award for Best TV Reality Programme for the 7th Year running!! I even met Peter André, who came over to our table (and to be honest with you he is a lot smaller than I thought he'd be!!).

Anton and Erin at the TRIC Awards, 2011

I also had the pleasure of attending the Children's Champions Awards in London and I must say it was one of the most worthy awards I have ever been to. Congratulations to all winners on the night. Next time I must remember to take a tissue with me.

Anton and Erin at the Childrens Champions Awards, 2011

My Monday Dance Classes

Just to let you know my classes are still running - I even managed to run all my classes whilst performing on the tour (beginners 7:30, improvers 8:45).

Erin Boag's Kingston Dance Class

Miss Scotland 2011

Anton and I are thrilled to have been invited to host Miss Scotland in June 2011. It will be held in Glasgow and I am going to have to keep an eye on Anton with all those beautiful women around!!

We are quite excited, as the ten finalists will have to learn a ballroom dance routine to perform for the judges and, yes, you guessed it... we will be teaching them! Let's hope that they don't fall off their high heels!!

Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquake

It was so kind and thoughtful of some of you to enquire about my family in NZ. They are all well and safe in the North Island. My heart goes out to all that have suffered and I am glad to say that Brendan Cole's family, who are in Christchurch, are also safe.

Dressing up for Party Time

If you are interested in turning up at a party in a fancy dress designed by me you can go to Fun-Shack and click on the 'Anton & Erin' picture box. There are a number of costumes from the 'Steppin' Out' show. More designs will be coming soon! (Please note though that these are fancy dress costumes and not the real thing!!!!!)

Until next time, lots of love,

Erin X

Comments {8}
Yay you updated your blog! Ha ha fab as alwayz you buzy little bumble bee lols :P A big thanx to you & Anton from Nana Scotty & I for a wonderful few months. Great way to start 2011 & very excited for all the times we will have ahead see you soon Love
alwayz Nana & Sandy xxxx <3
Sandy commented on 06-Apr-2011 07:21 PM
Your updates are always fantastic to read Erin. You're going to have to write a book about your adventures soon. Coming to see you and Anton after the last show of the tour was really special. Thank you so much. I'm just glad I remembered the Minstrels
that time! Hope to see you again soon. Lots of love, Andy xxx
Andy N commented on 06-Apr-2011 09:41 PM
Hi Erin! Thouroughly enjoyed reading your blog! They get more and more interesting and funny each time you post one! You look stunning in your photos (as you always do) and I'm going to miss POTR but can't wait for what you and Anton have in store for
us in 2012!
JJ commented on 07-Apr-2011 06:21 PM
Great to read some stories from the tour and learn it's not a good idea to offer Anton a chocolate. You always look great in all your photos but that peach dress for the TRIC awards is just stunning.
Susan commented on 07-Apr-2011 08:05 PM
Love reading your blog Erin =) Sounds like you had a fab time on tour, I really must come see you guys sometime! <3 Laura xx
Laura commented on 07-Apr-2011 10:18 PM
Yay you updated! And what an awesome update it was. It sounds like you and Anton had as much fun on tour as we all did coming to see you. The story about Nottingham actually made me LOL, the poor woman, and that is just shocking about the airline! Lots
of love KirstyJane xx
KirstyJane commented on 08-Apr-2011 01:08 AM
My highlight from Basingstoke Putting on the Ritz was the Adele moment with the mobile phone and microphone sound track, and of course meeting my dancing hero xx
Marti commented on 12-Apr-2011 08:32 PM
Hi Erin, what a fabulous blog about the Putting on the Ritz tour, don't think I've laughed so much for ages -curiosity is getting the better of me, so can you tell me... what is Anton's favourite Roses choc? Can't wait to see you both when you come to
Taunton and am counting the days. xxx
Helen commented on 13-Apr-2011 04:47 PM
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